Meet Flourish, the cleaning company that wants to help you self care

Flourish Home Services launched on April 29 this year. A month and a half in, I’m seeing that the need for what we offer is even greater than I thought.

Not everyone loves to clean, not everyone is good at it – but every single person deserves a clean home. Life flows more smoothly when everyone leans into their strengths and whatever brings them joy.

Flourish makes a clean home more accessible than ever before. It’s a joy to offer:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable home technicians
  • Professional cleaning at affordable rates
  • Easy online quote + booking
  • Seamless delivery + billing
  • Healthy, nontoxic cleaning products

Flourish Home Services currently serves Fargo, ND and the surrounding areas. Upcoming features and services include a private line of household products and even more flexible booking. It’s been amazing to help Fargo flourish and we are excited to continue to do so in many new ways!

Flourish Home Services is a daughter company of Everblossom Co, a midwest startup that’s making self care more accessible.

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